Things I like Monday!

This post is extra special today! Instead of doing my usual Things I like Thursday this week I am doing a ALL ABOUT JAMIE post as today is my 36th Birthday! 11/11/77 – HOLY CRAP 36! 36! HA! Everyone always says they are old, so I won’t say that! I will just say…HOLY CRAP 36! 36!

So here we go! I am going to share **MY** Favorite pictures and things! Some pictures I have taken, some taken of me and some from the interwebs! Things that are all about Jamie!!

Oh look! The day I was born! It was the happiest day of my mom’s life! She was in labor with me for only 3 hours! I was easy! Then I grew up! hahahaha
Me - Born 11/11/77

For those you who know me, know that my most FAVORITE flower is the Sunflower! There is a field out by DIA (Denver International Airport) that I have gone to the last few years. I will always go, because I LOVE going there! It makes me SOOO happy! I could spend hours taking pictures and just admiring these beauties! (and I do)

another reason I LOVE sunflowers is, they seem to attract ladybugs…my FAVORITE bug!


Something I collect…Wine Corks! I also LOVE taking pictures of them too! I also love drinking the wine too!
Proud to be a WINO!





Here is my friend Stacey! I talk about her a lot in my blog! Because she’s pretty awesome! I admire her and love her! I miss her all the time because she lives 90 miles from me, so when I do see her, we just laugh and have fun! I love spending time with her!

Stacey & Me


Stacey and Jamie

Me and Stacey Hiking

My hair is my baby! HA! It used to be pink & purple. FUN!


Got my hairs did today

Here is my niece Isela! I adore her!
Happy 8th Birthday Isela

I looooooooooove crawfish and all things Cajun!



This chic likes Cajun/Creole seasonings!

I got a package today!!!!! Wonder who its from????

My most favorite seasoning ever! I think I love it so much  because its from Lori :) thank you Lori!!!!

I like to be goofy, and not fit in. Most people say I am crazy and I am fine with that because at least I am not like all the rest! I am just ME! Just Jamie!


I LOVE to hike, and take pictures! (But you already knew that about me and pictures)

I saw this ladybug yesterday (11/2)! A ladybug in November, in Colorado! No way! So Ladybugs are good luck, so I came up with-  the month of November will be good luck for me!
Saw a ladybug yesterday, in November! #iloveladybugs

Check out my pumpkins!

Oh these are so CUTE Sunflower Cookies! I love them so much! I want to make them, because Sunflowers are my most FAVORITE Flower (I think I already told you that before in this post).
Sunflower Cookies Sweetsugarbelle

Since you usually eat cake on your birthday and today is mine, I thought I would share this really cute cake with you! So cute!
Rainbow cake

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bacon! Check these out! Holy GOODNESS! Bacon pancake dippers

Holy CRAP! Hot 7 Layer Bean Dip. This looks amazing to me it has: onion, bell pepper, creole seasoning, cheese, 1 jar of pickled, sliced jalapenos, andouille sausage, and bacon! All things that I LOVE! YUM!

Well we are just going to keep going with recipes with bacon here, because I have an obsession with bacon! Bacon Cheddar Potato Skins
Extreme Bacon Cheddar Potato Skins and how to win a year's supply of bacon

One of my ALL TIME Favorite songs! Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

This cake is beautiful. strawberry banana ‘milkshake’ cake
Strawberry Banana Milkshake Cake

I love bacon and I love avocados. bacon wrapped avocados
Bacon Wrapped Avocados

Love this! I am lucky enough to have two people like this in my life, Normy and Stacey…
The best kind of people

True that!

Be Crazy…
Be Whatever! Be Happy!! ♥

I have a cupcake/cake business and I am always looking for ideas and I am loving these TURKEY CUPCAKES

My newest cookbook that I received as a gift from my hubby! LOVE IT!

I saved the best for last! My Normy, My hubby, My life, My love, My WORLD! My best friend…he made me breakfast this morning! I loves him and my life would totally SUCK without him! He makes it better and me better!

he made me pancakes from scratch, he was so proud!

Then he sang to me…



Normy and me

My Birthday Celebration


Being goofy



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