Things I like Monday!

So last week I did Thing’s I like Monday instead of Thursday so I thought I would switch things up and do things I like Monday! I also received a request to do things I like Monday as well, so why not? Monday’s suck! So maybe if I do things that I like, instead of hating on Monday, maaaaaybe it would make it not suck so much! So here we go! Things I found from the week before!

Happy Monday!

I was doubting myself last week, and I HATE when I do that cause it just makes for a lame day and who wants to have a lame day! UGH! We all do it! So I Googled how to Overcome Doubts…and came up with this:


Love this






I totally need this!
Create.Craft.Love.: Kitchen Aid Mixer {Vinyl} Makeover @Christian Wilsson Elizabeth


I LOVE Pecans! Pecan Pie Egg Rolls
pecan pie dessert
Butter & Wine Roasted Mushrooms
Butter & Wine Roasted Mushrooms // So...Let's Hang Out


I love her blog! our favorite lightened up beef enchiladas with 10 minute enchilada sauce.
 Lightened Up Beef Enchiladas with 10 Minute Enchilada Sauce I


Holy crap! This looks so good! Chicken and Asparagus Stir-Fry
Chicken and Asparagus Recipe


Loaded Hasselback Potatoes
Loaded Hasselback Potatoes - A glorified baked potato loaded with melted cheddar cheese, sour cream, and crisp bacon bits!


s’mores cake (chocolate + malt + marshmallow)
S'mores Cake


Asian salmon with rice noodles and asparagus
Asian glazed salmon with rice noodles and asparagus, Asian food, Asian recipes, Asian salmon recipe, Asian seafood recipe, Asian fish recipe
Happiness is…


Eggs Benedict “My Way” with Sriracha Hollandaise
Eggs Benedict "My Way" with Sriracha Hollandaise | Yes to Yolks


Pecan Pie Shortbread
Pecan Pie Shortbread
Let me live…


Look at this cutie! I LOVE Newfoundlands
#Newfoundland #dog


Went on a 6 mile hike yesterday with our good friends Allan & Karen and their Fur baby Suka (Suka looks SO thrilled to be in the picture with us, doesn’t he)


Holy Crap I am in LOVE with this song! 
Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida


The End.

Have a great week!!!

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